The benefits of this solution as compared to traditional membership card and smart card solutions are the following:

  • Simple, fast and reliable identification of individuals
  • High tech state of the art image
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easier POS (point of sale) handling
  • No more lost, forgotten or damaged cards
  • No more misuse of stolen or borrowed cards
  • No card distribution costs
  • Easy setup and fast implementation
  • Lower total cost of ownership

    A demonstration on how a transaction can be done within 15 seconds*: AVI movie

    1) Customers takes products and comes to counter
    2) Customer identifies her self by putting her finger on the Sensor/Scanner
    3) Meanwhile the counter employee removes the physical security on the product
    4) The product is scanned in the branche application and transaction is completed
    5) Counter employee gives the product to the customer

    This complete transaction only took 15 seconds.

    *= the customer in this case had paid in advanced so called 'huur tegoed' (prepaid)
    This videorent store keeps her products in the original box with physical security.

    In this movie the difference between current transaction and transactions using FingerIdent are seen clearly: MPEG movie 40MB

    Depending on the branch the transaction time can be decreased dramatically.

    If you are manager of a store that has al lot of customers waiting in a row you might consider our solution.
    Just calculated how much each transaction process is costing your organisation.

    An example (based on MPEG movie):

    Customer comes to counter:                                                              >1 seconds
    Customer puts articles on counter:                                                      4 seconds
    Customer searches for membershipscard:                                         10 seconds
    Employee identifies customer (loyality/memberships card):                 5 seconds
    Employee starts processing articles:                                                    5 seconds
    Customer makes payment:                                                                10 seconds
    Employee starts payment process and returns money:                     10 seconds

                                                                                                    44 seconds total/transaction

    In this example your employee cost is 44 seconds per transaction.

    The minimal hour wage in the Netherlands is 7,29 euro (excluding HR costs) so each second costs your organisation > 0,002 eurocents.

    The only way to improve this is by taking the processes with the overall transaction which you can influence.

    This means that by using FingerIdent you can cut the almost complete time for customer identification process.

    Customer does not have to search for her memberships/loyalty card anymore, and your employee does not have to interact.
    The 15 seconds that those process cost at this moment can be brought down to a third to 5 seconds, and when customer returns more often the process will take lesser time than that. 

    The average store will have around 4000 transaction per month.

    So you safe at least:  4000 transactions * 10 seconds * 0,002 = 80 euro a month per store. 

    Other costly processes are customer payment and employee interaction on that.
    Those cost at this moment 20 seconds. When using FingerIdent with other payments methods such as pre-paid, credit card or agreed bank redraw (automatische incasso).

    The most important is that pre-paid and at your company pre registered customer credit card or agreed bank redraw contract (automatische incasso machtiging) should be protected for misuse.
    A customer will lose every trust in your organisation when his money is gone without his knowledge.
    A standard loyality/membershipscard can be lost, stolen and never identifies the customer, it only identifies the card itself and therefore everyone showing is apparently the "authorized" user of it.
    Also loyality/membershipscard that does not make use of smartcard technology is easy to forge and when someone figures out how the numbering process is designed they can use your current system against your organisation.

    FingerIdent is a transparent solution that can be connected to
    almost any Point Of Sale solution that you may have in place, without having to change anything to your current solution/software.

    Other payments methods can implemented only after consultancy.

    More information and pricing can be found here: FingerIdent.pdf